City Living has its Advantages


City living has its advantages.

Stores rarely close. Every restaurant delivers. The nightlife never stops.

City living has its drawbacks, too – it isn’t often urbanites can look out their window and see a green patch of grass.

If you’re included in this group, then the answer is easy – fake it.

Synthetic grass makes perfect sense for folks who love the buzz of the city but long for the lushness of suburbia.

Why go the synthetic route? Simple. First off, it’s not as if you have a sprawling backyard to work with – you’re likely going to make due with a small piece of land to call your own. It’s senseless to spend money on a lawnmower to maintain that tiny lot – and if you did blow some coin on a John Deere, where would you put? – and it’s even less sensible to pay someone to do it for you.

Well, synthetic grass doesn’t need to be mowed.

Second, it doesn’t require a whole heap of time to maintain. You do need to care of it somewhat, and it will last longer the better you treat it. But synthetic turf allows you to keep your hectic city schedule while keeping some green in your life.

Another reason? Fake grass doesn’t need any sunlight, so even if your property is blanketed in shade thanks to a skyscraper, you don’t have to worry about waking up to a dead lawn.

Finally, consider the re-sale value. Not many city dwellings come equipped with grass. You’ll be unique – and consequently, you will have no trouble selling your home, especially if the buyer is a homesick suburbanite.

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