EasyTurf Doesn't Just Look Green- It Is!


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! EasyTurf can save the world!

OK, maybe that is pushing it a bit.

Scratch that – that IS pushing it a bit.

But aside from looking good, being safe for pets and kids and lasting more than two decades, synthetic grass can help conserve the environment.

How? First off, according to this story, EasyTurf, which requires very little water, can save homeowners up to 114,000 gallons of water per year.

Gallons! That’s a lot of water.

Synthetic turf doesn’t require any pesticides, insecticides or chemicals, which can pollute natural water supply, nor does it need to be mowed, which means no carbon emissions from lawnmowers, which spits out 10 more pollution than cars.

EasyTurf utilizes recycled tires, so expect to see less of them laying in some landfill, and the water conservation system prevents any runoff into natural bodies of water – lakes, oceans, etc. – or into sewer systems.

www.easyturf.comdoesn’t just look green – it IS green.

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