EasyTurf Offers your own Backyard Country Club!


With its realistic playing surface, custom design and longevity, EasyTurf provides a tremendous golf experience…right in your backyard!

No need to practice on the living room rug – just grab a putter and walk out your front door.

EasyTurf putting greens for your backyard are available in two styles – Pro Series Golf Green and Tru-Roll Putting Green.

The Pro Series model is designed for the serious golfers, the guys looking embrace the same challenges as the pros they watch on television. The surfaces duplicate the settings at famous courses in Augusta and Pine Valley.

Tru-Roll greens are more for leisure time, for knocking the ball around with family and friends.

The speed of greens is tailored to each customers’ liking, and aluminum cups are used in place of plastic cups, which crack and need to be replaced often.

And if you’re nocturnal, you can play in the dark – EasyTurf offers in-cup lighting features.

And remember – this happens in the privacy of your own home, away from all those folks crowding the public courses.

Who knows? Install a golf course in your backyard and this can be you.

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