How Do I Keep my EasyTurf Looking Great for Many Years?


Quality www.easyturf.comlandscaping will provide many years of beauty. Basic upkeep is still recommended to keep it looking like it did the day it was installed.

Use a leaf blower or rake to remove objects off the turf, because rotting materials can harm the artificial surface. Clean it with water it when needed.

And while the grass may not be real, you still may see the occasional weed pop up along a border or germinate in the grass. Simply spray a weed killer on any weeds and they will be history. Also, feel free to use a stiff-bristled broom to keep well-traveled areas looking fresh – especially the day during and after that big Memorial Day barbecue.

EasyTurfcan last up to over 20 years if handled properly. Who knows? Keep your turf looking good and anything can happen.

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