Artificial Turf Terms Debunked!


When researching synthetic grass it can be difficult to understand the terminology. Not everyone is a chemistry wiz and knows what polypropylene or polyethylene is. Or understand why some companies use nylon, the same material as women’s stockings! What exactly are rubber granules and why does it have to go in the infill?

After hours of searching for the perfect company to install your synthetic grass, why spend more time looking for definitions for all these terms? In order to ease your pain and confusion, here are some simple explanations.


Nylon is a thermoplastic silky material, used first in a bristled toothbrush. Nylon can be good for toothbrushes, stockings and carpet, but not for synthetic grass. Companies that use nylon in their turf use it to keep their blades standing upright. Although these can quickly wear down, flatten and later become hard. Because nylon becomes hydroscopic, it can absorb liquid more easily.


Polyethylene is what you see in grocery bags, shampoo bottles and children’s toys. The uniqueness that comes with polyethylene is its soft texture which prevents rug burns and abrasions that are common in nylon turf. It is best to choose a synthetic grass with polyethylene rather than nylon because it allows for the blades to look and feel more like real grass. Polyethylene blades offer twice the resistance to Ultraviolet light degradation and are also seen as better for the environment! It is seen as strong and durable and can handle to damage from pets and pests.


Polypropylene serves as both a plastic and a fiber. In the case of synthetic grass, polypropylene is the backing of your turf. The most important reason to choose a synthetic grass with polypropylene rather than nylon is because it does not absorb water, like nylon does.


Granular materials like sand or rubber pellets that are about the size of sand grains are most commonly used. The rubber infill allows the blades of the synthetic grass to stand upright giving the grass a natural appearance. It also provides a cushioned surface to play on similar to that of natural grass and is capable of withstanding higher than normal stresses.

EasyTurf is the only company that gives you a choice of infill. The most popular choice is the traditional sand and rubber combination. However EasyTurf also offers EasyFill which consist of acrylic coded sand.

No one wants to spend that amount of money and not know what they are getting. Be sure to know what you are paying for and that it really is of the best quality with our answers to your artificial turf term questions.


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