Avoiding Cancer Can Now be Added to the List of Why to Invest in Artificial Grass


According to a recent article in Men’s Health Magazine, every year American men spend about $40 billion on their lawns. Everyone knows how time consuming and costly taking care of a lawn can be. However, the thought of cancer and other health risks is not something that is traditionally factored in.

The chemicals from fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killer could be something that families will now have to start thinking twice about. These have all been seen to cause health problems for any person who loves to spend time enjoying their lawn. These pesticides have been linked to health risks that range from cancer to asthma to miscarriages.

There are many reasons to seek alternatives when it comes to having a natural lawn. But the best alternative to skipping the cost of maintenance and the time spent of perfecting a natural lawn would be to go with synthetic grass.

Synthetic grass is 100% maintenance and worry free. An artificial turf lawn can allow you and your family to enjoy a lawn and not have to worry about cancer and other long term effects of harmful chemicals.

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