Don't Know if Synthetic Grass is Good Enough for You?


Don’t know if synthetic grass is good enough for you?

Well, have a look at 10 instances where folks decided the synthetic stuff rocked.

  1. The NFL – Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Gillette Stadium in Massachusettes and Ford Field in Detroit are among the 11 stadiums that feature FieldTurf. Also included – Fawcett Stadium in Canton, Ohio, which hosts the league’s Hall of Fame Game each year. Fifteen teams have FieldTurf installed at their practice facilities.
  2. Super Bowl 2014 – History was made recently when the NFL decided to have the 2014 Super Bowl at the new Meadowlands in New Jersey, eschewing the warmth of Tampa, San Diego and Miami for the frosty Northeast. They also picked FieldTurf, which will line the $1.6 billion stadium that plays host to the New York Giants and Jets.
  3. Canada – Our benevolent neighbors to the north boast twenty stadiums with FieldTurf, including the Rogers Centre, home to baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays and occasionally, the NFL’s Buffalo Bills.
  4. Major League Soccer – Three soccer pitches have the fake stuff.
  5. College football – Over 50 of the top-tier football teams in the nation fight for bowl bids on FieldTurf, including West Virginia, Nebraska and Ohio State.
  6. Baseball – The Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays compete in the rugged American League East while playing on FieldTurf.
  7. Airports – Huh? Yep, they use them, including Paris Charles de Gaulle. FieldTurf give pilots better visibility and keeps wildlife away, preventing the critters from getting in the way of takeoffs and landings.
  8. Tokyo Dome – The arena that seats 55,000 and plays host to everything from baseball games to monster truck races has FieldTurf.
  9. High schools – Thirty-nine states – or 78 percent of the country – have at least one high school with a turf stadium, including Florida’s St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, home to one of the best prep football teams in the country.
  10. Anything and everything –Playgrounds, amusement parks, zoos and dog parks also feature FieldTurf.
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