How to Choose an Artificial Turf Company


With so many artificial turf companies out there, it really is tough to choose just one.  Or is it? There are some key aspects to a company that any consumer should know about before making their final decision.

Installation Crews-

Be sure that the company you choose employs well trained and experienced crews. Crews who install synthetic turf every day, can guarantee your install will be done correctly the first time.

View other installations –

It is important that you are able to view previous installations that the company has done. That way you get a feel for how your lawn will look and be able to measure the quality of not only the grass, but the installation as well.   It would also be in your best interest to see an installation that is a few years old, that way you can measure just how durable the turf is.

How long has the company been in business?-

Knowing how long the company has been in business can speak volumes. Synthetic turf companies come and go all the time. So choosing a company who has been in business for several years will show just how successful they are and how great their synthetic grass really is.

Drainage –

There is nothing worse than artificial grass that stinks! Look into the drainage that comes with your grass. A company with 100% permeable backing should be the only choice. Those that use hole-punched backings will not drain effectively and only leave you with an awful odor.


There are always constant debates referring to infill; what kind to use or if at all. And the truth is infill is a must.  The companies that don’t use infill have synthetic grass that will eventually lay flat and look absolutely terrible. Choose a combination of crumb rubber and sand for cushion and keep blades erect.

It is important that you and your family are getting the best quality along with the best service.  Do your research before you choose a company rather than the cheapest price.

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