Myths about Synthetic Turf


Many people seem to be a bit skeptical when it comes to synthetic grass for their homes because of all the myths associated with it.  Many people question its safety, cleanliness, environmental issues, climate factors and real grass comparison.  However, these should not be an issue when considering an artificial lawn.

There is a reason synthetic lawns are installed in numerous play areas for children.  It actually provides more cushion than real grass and it’s safer than mulch.  Not only that, but the infill is non-abrasive which helps prevent all those scraped knees.  Synthetic grass is also hypo-allergenic so even those with allergies can enjoy the outdoors.  And it’s perfectly safe for pets too.  Plus, dogs can’t and won’t want to dig through it.

Artificial grass is much easier to clean than real grass.  Because the blades are plastic it’s easier to pick up after dogs or any other mess.  Plus a quick use with the leaf blower and you can clean up about anything.  With artificial grass there are no more grass stains or muddy shoes dragged into the house.  And yes, the plastic fibers might get just a bit warmer than regular grass in the middle of summer, but a little spray with the hose and it cools right off.

Fake anything doesn’t sound too environmentally friendly, but that’s not true with all artificial turf.  For instance,our turf can be recycled at end of life.  In addition, the need for fertilizers, pesticides and all those other harmful toxins are no longer needed.  If that’s not enough there is also no need for the continuous use of water, which is a huge money saver.

Turf doesn’t have to look like a green carpet just thrown in the yard.  Our blades are so realistic many people don’t even notice it’s fake.  Plus, EasyTurf has the patented MaxxFlow drainage technology.  It drains at 100 inches per hour, even better than real grass.  So there is no worrying about odor from pets.

So, really there is no reason not to install artificial turf.  It looks great year round with minimal maintenance, environmentally friendly and is in many ways better than the real thing.  Just be sure to do your research before choosing artificial turf so that you are sure to get a high quality product from a trusted company.

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