Need a Solution to a Chunky Dog?

Ever thought that you may be feeding your dog too much? Or that your dog is looking a little “chunky”? If you think so, here is the solution – installsynthetic grass.

Why? First, those who have already installed EasyTurf synthetic grass have seen great reactions from their dogs. Some have even said that they find it hard to get their dogs back in the house after spending all day on their EasyTurf lawn. Seems like a great way to get your dog to run around the yard and possibly shed some pounds!

Also, these pet owners have been pleased that urine will drain right through and just a quick spray of water makes clean up a snap, plus dogs love that it is soft and looks and feels just like real grass.

For more information or want to see why other pet owners love their synthetic grass visit us at or call today at 1.866.EASYTURF.

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