Need More Convincing on getting Synthetic Grass for your Playground?


If you need more convincing about whether or not you should install synthetic grass for your playground, think about how you would like your backyard, park or school to look for your kids and parents. With synthetic grass, the appearance of your playground would always be next to perfect if not absolute perfection.

Synthetic grass comes in a natural appearance that will never fade, with also a “thatch” option to replicate an even more natural looking grass. There are no issues with hardening or cracking, compaction issues, problems with displacement or any weeds that tend to grow with real grass.

The real upside to synthetic grass for your playground is there is no mess! Synthetic grass is praised for the fact that it is maintenance-free. There is no need for gardeners, sprinkler systems or fertilizers and weed killers! Synthetic lawns tend to last longer and also cost less than pour-in-place surfaces. There are generally repairs needed for pour-in-place surfaces as early as 5 years and can be costly where as synthetic grass repairs are much less frequent and are nearly unnoticeable.

If you consider yourself an environmentally friendly family, installing a synthetic lawn can be a way to “go green”. EasyTurf‘s products are all 100% recyclable to ensure an environmentally friendly lawn.

For more information or questions on the upsides to synthetic grass for your playground visit us at or call today at 1.866.EASYTURF.

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