The No-Fade, Long-Lasting Lawn


We’ve all heard of new-car smell. You know, that pleasant fragrance that greets you every time you settle into your brand-new set of wheels.

Well, eventually that goes away, and the inside of your car smells like…well, if you’re lucky, nothing.

Know what doesn’t go away? The color of your synthetic lawn. That green, full look you see the day it is installed stays that way.


Because the turf is UV stabilized.

In other words, the turf is protected from those darn ultraviolet waves that come our way courtesy of the sun.

Science backs this up. Studies show that www.easyturf.comfades at a rate of less than 1 percent per year.

That’s right – 1 percent per year. Not per week, month or season – year. That means that after 10 years, your lawn will still look like this.

And it’s not as if this stuff was made for the shade – thanks to the UV protection, FieldTurf will hold its color amidst the brightest and sunniest conditions, making it fit for sun-friendly folks in Florida, Arizona and California.

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