Why Put Artificial Turf in your Playground?


Why put synthetic grass in your playground? Well, there are tons of reasons why. Playgrounds are supposed to be a place where your kids can play for hours on end and enjoy themselves. However, if your playground has real grass, your child could come home with grass allergies, itchy skin, cuts and bruises. And who wants to deal with those nightmares?

When using synthetic grass in your playground, it can provide better cushioning for falls. Resulting in nothing more than another adventure for your child. Also, the texture of the synthetic grass is non-abrasive, allowing for fewer skinned knees and no more itching!

Because your synthetic grass does not require any chemicals, animals and insects are not attracted to it either. And there are no more problems with your kids or pets tracking in mud in your home or grass stains on their clothes. No longer having to deal with sand or loose infill with your synthetic grass, parents will not have to deal with the messes on their children’s clothes, in their hair or worried about dirt and sand in their mouths! Yuck!

Synthetic grass is great for parents and kids! And they both seem to love it. Synthetic Grass has a 20-25 year life expectancy and also allows your family to going the “green” community and conserve water!

For more information or questions on the upsides to synthetic grass for your playground visit us at www.easyturf.com or call today at 1.866.EASYTURF.

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