Cleaning Up After Your Pet has Never been so Easy!


Cleaning up after your pets is really quite easy when you have synthetic grass like EasyTurf, a pet-friendly grass. This is the main reason why EasyTurf customers absolutely love their synthetic lawn, as do their pets! Not only is the clean up easy, but your pets will never want to come back inside your house.

Besides the routine maintenance that includes either using a leaf blower to remove any sort of debris or leaves and a quick wash off of your lawn, the only other cleanup needed to make you and your pets happy is to remove pet waste.

With synthetic grass, you can remove solid waste normally. However, if there is any remaining waste that needs to be cleaned an easy spray down with a hose is recommended. Be careful to not disturb the infill and refrain from aiming the hose stream directly at the turf.

During dry weather, it is important to clean away waste and eliminate odors by dampening the area that your pets use with water. An alternative cleaner would be a combination of water and enzyme based cleaners such as Nature’s Miracle.

See, the cleanup of your pet-friendly grass is so easy. Investing in EasyTurf synthetic pet grass is not only a way to save money but also a way to save from the countless headaches and hours spent cleaning up after your pet!

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