Helpful Maintenance Tools


Maintaining an artificial grass lawn is actually quite simple.  In fact, artificial grass only takes a few simple maintenance tools to help it keep it looking its best.

Although artificial grass doesn’t require continuous watering, it is recommended that you spray off the lawn every once in a while.  This helps get rid of dust, pollen and other pollutants.  It’s also a great way to quickly clean up after pets and cool off the lawn on a hot day.

Synthetic grass is made to stand up straight, but just like real grass, long periods of heavy objects on the lawn can cause the blades to matt down.  For areas of the lawn with high traffic it might be useful to use a rake to brush the blades up in order to keep it looking upright.

To remove materials from the surface, a leaf blower is ideal.  It’s quick and easy to use for general cleanup.  For dry spills, it is recommended that a shop-vac be used, just be sure to avoid removing the infill along with the debris.  After heavy rain it is possible that the infill moves around.  Fluffing the area with a broom will redistribute the surface infill.

Although turf is installed with a weed barrier occasional weeds might grow through so a quick spray of Round Off should do the trick.  Also, cleaners such as Nature’s Miracle may be used to clean away waste and eliminate odors from pets.

Artificial turf provides a beautiful lawn year round with minimal maintenance.  All that is needed are a few easy to use products to keep your fake lawn looking fabulous.

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