How to Avoid Problems with Synthetic Grass


If consumers select a high quality synthetic grass from a trusted company and do simple maintenance problems can be avoided.

One concern homeowners have is the possibility of odors caused by pets.  This is a risk if the wrong turf is chosen.  It is important that when looking into purchasing an artificial lawn you pay attention to the drainage ability.  Turf without 100% permeable backing prevents proper drainage and causes odor buildup.  Be sure to find a company that doesn’t just punch holes in the back of the turf but has the means to allow liquids drain through the entire turf.  EasyTurf has this capability with its patent MaxxFlow backing.

Fading of color can also be a problem with low quality turf.  EasyTurf has built in UV protection to maintain the natural green color of the artificial grass.

Major problems can occur with an improper installation.  You don’t want to use a company that doesn’t take the time to even out the ground surface or use a bad base.  EasyTurf uses a crushed rock base to create the ideal foundation.  Be sure the chosen company also properly glues the seams together so the pieces of turf don’t separate.  Securely nailing down the grass is also important and will allow you to avoid edges from coming up.  Without proper installation your yard can look sloppy and unnatural.

To keep your synthetic lawn looking its best ensure heavy objects are not left on the lawn for long periods of time and a rake could be used to fluff up the grass in high traffic areas.  A quick use of the hose will also aid in keeping the turf at a cool temperature during the summer months.

Researching your potential turf company and simple maintenance tools is the key in preventing problems that may occur with choosing the wrong synthetic grass.

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