Artificial Grass becoming a trend?


There’s no denying artificial grass is a growing trend. From front lawns and sports fields to green roof tops, artificial grass has become the latest must have. Wet weather brings muddy shoes and dirty carpets…not to mention messy kids and dogs. Today families have found a better solution – they’re switching to synthetic grass. They’re spending less time and money maintaining their lawns, they’re saving up to 70% on their water bills, and most important of all – they’re enjoying life more with their artificial lawns. Now city dwellers are part of the increasing number of synthetic grass owners as they kick back on their rooftop decks to enjoy their new, comfortable backyard!

Taking a step back, it makes you wonder why artificial grass has become such a trend. First, it can significantly reduce your water bill. Second, an artificial lawn requires little maintenance, so the time that would go into the upkeep can now be refocused on quality time with your friends, family and of course your pets. Third, who wants to host a party with a messy yard?

With a synthetic lawn, there is no need to mask your lawn to try to make it look great because it will always look great. No matter what time of year or which part of the country you live in, an artificial lawn can be the perfect addition to any home.

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