Lawn Bowls


Football isn’t the only sport you can play on an artificial lawn. It can also be used for a sport that sounds like it should be played indoors on wooden lanes. Artificial grass isn’t just for football, baseball, soccer or other major league sports anymore. Lawn Bowling is a sport that has become quite popular over the years. For the same reason other sport teams have chosen artificial grass as their field surface, Lawn Bowl Clubs prefer to play on it due to its easy upkeep and durability.

Lawn Bowls is a team game where “bowls” are rolled toward the “jack” positioned at the other end of the grassed “rink”. The bowls aren’t perfectly spherical, making the game a bit more challenging. One point is given for each of the bowls that ends up closer to the jack than the closest of the opponent’s bowls.

Next time you’re looking for a new sport to try, visit a local lawn bowling club… it’s a fun game for all ages.

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