Synthetic Grass in Unique Spaces


Most assume that synthetic grass is for yards or putting greens. However, there are now many more unique spaces where synthetic grass can be installed! Roof decks and patios are just two more areas to optimize synthetic grass.

Synthetic grass roof decks are the perfect alternative to a wood deck. The worries of staining, weather proofing and termites are no longer an issue with a synthetic grass roof deck. These types of roof tops are showing up in city neighborhoods.  They create a trendy common area for hosting parties or a place to enjoy an outdoor dinner and drinks with friends. It can be the place to go when your apartment feels too crammed for guests.

Patios and terraces with synthetic grass are a great way to revamp rarely used space into an entertaining area or a leisure place for relaxing. For those animal owners with no backyard and only a patio, synthetic grass can be the perfect addition for your pet to play and handle their “business” with no mess or pests. Many customers also add turf in their condo’s courtyard for their dogs. Is your yard concrete? No problem. To avoid the hassle of removing concrete we can install EasyTurf synthetic grass on top and around your patio.

You see, synthetic grass can be used in more places than just your yard. So those who have no yard or are looking to replace their decks or patios now have options too.

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