What Goes Into the Installation Process of Artificial Grass?


A common question when considering artificial grass is, what all is involved in the installation process? An average installation only takes 1-3 days, depending on the size of the yard.

The first step to installing artificial grass is to prepare the ground. This includes locating any underground hazards such as irrigation and electrical lines and capping off or removing all unwanted sprinkler heads. To prepare the base, all existing material, including grass and sod, must be removed. It is critical to install the base surface, consisting of crushed stone, under synthetic grass to maintain the stability and integrity of the grass system. The base material should be spread evenly and shaped to the desired appearance. Once the base is compacted into a smooth and firm even surface the artificial grass is ready to be installed.

Once the synthetic grass is rolled across the prepared base, it is cut to fit the project area. Weather resistant adhesive is used to seam two pieces of turf together. The grass is then fitted and nailed down to the border to prevent the edges from coming up. After all the turf is securely nailed, infill can be inserted.

Infill consists of sand and rubber and is critical for cushion and keeping the blades upright. The infill material must be spread evenly. In between spreading the layers of infill, the turf fibers will be brushed upright. The infill process will be repeated a few times before the material is evenly spread. When the infill process is complete, a quick watering of the entire area is done to settle the material.

The process of installing a synthetic lawn only takes a few days but is done with care and accuracy to ensure you have a beautiful, long lasting, and natural looking yard.

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