What’s Living in Your Grass?


Tired of continual brown patches in your lawn? This could be caused by pests that regularly live in natural grass. However, EasyTurf synthetic grass is always picturesque and safe for you, your children, and your pets.

The most common insect which will destroy your pictorial lawn and pose health risks in your own yard is the white grub. This insect inhabits almost all grass species. White grub is the larval stage of various types of beetles and will burrow in your lawn, eat grass roots, and lay dormant for the winter. This cycle repeats itself and is increasingly detrimental to your land, pets, and family.

White grubs cause your grass to feel soft and spongy. Scattered, irregular, brown patches will spread throughout your yard. The root injury causes the grass to be more infested and lift easily. This brings a flock of insects, rodents, and animals. Moles, raccoons, and birds feed off white grub manifestations. Before you know it your yard is full of parasitic wasps that will hover over the lawn on sunny days with an EasyTurf synthetic lawn these little pests will not be a problem. Insects choose not to live in your artificial grass, leaving you, your children, and your pets at peace.

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