3 New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2011


It’s that time of year again… Why not make and keep some easy resolutions to help you, your family,
and the environment this year?

1. Go Green with EasyTurf. EasyTurf Synthetic Grass is truly a “green” product. It’s
made from partially recycled products and is 100% recyclable, conserves water, reduces
carbon emissions and is free from harmful toxins. EasyTurf has one of the most effective
water saving products available, saving over 32,000,000 gallons of water annually in Southern California. With
EasyTurf Synthetic Grass you won’t be contributing to carbon emissions from lawn
mowers, which can emit 10 times more pollution than cars! EasyTurf products require no
pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers that pollute natural water supplies or harmful toxins
and chemicals that could adversely affect your family, friends and pets. Plus, EasyTurf
reduces trash in landfills by using recycled car tires for its synthetic grass products!

2. Spend more time with family and friends. Stop spending all of your weekends and
free time maintaining your lawn. With EasyTurf Synthetic Grass you can spend your
time enjoying your lawn with family and friends rather than maintaining it! No need to
worry about keeping brown spots at bay either, since with EasyTurf products you have a
guaranteed beautiful green lawn year round.

3. Save money. Drastically reduce your water bills while increasing your property value.
An EasyTurf Synthetic Lawn could reduce your water bill by up to 70%! Plus, in today’s
real estate market you could make your house more desirable (and thus easier to sell) to
potential buyers by adding a water saving EasyTurf Synthetic Lawn. Stop wasting your
money trying to maintain your lawn with fertilizers, gardeners and outrageous water
prices and get an EasyTurf Synthetic Lawn with easy finance options in 2011.

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