Artificial Grass Holds Up Even in the Coldest of Climates

Everyone knows that in areas of warm weather, an artificial lawn looks good without the maintenance and watering. But what about when the temperature drops below zero, how does it hold up then?

The polyethylene and polyurethane materials enable synthetic grass to endure cold climates. In harsh temperatures the infill helps prevent freezing of the turf. Even in areas of heavy snow fall, the turf sustains and does not become brittle or die off as it does with natural grass. Plus with, EasyTurf’s MaxxFlow backing, as the snow melts, it drains right through the turf. One of the best things about artificial grass in cold winter climates is that when the snow is gone, there is no time or money wasted on trying to get your lawn back to that healthy shade of green.

Artificial turf can withstand any extreme weather conditions. Whether you’re living in the blizzards of New York or the soaking up the sun in California, synthetic grass is the perfect addition to your yard.

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