Synthetic Grass for Airports?

Airports around the country have been making the switch to synthetic grass. Why, you ask? Well, synthetic turf for airfields and taxi ways can stabilize runway and taxiway shoulders, reduce foreign object debris, reduce the needs for security clearances for field maintenance staffing, provide non-lethal wildlife control, inhibit erosion from aircraft maneuvering and lastly, enhance visual contrast of runways.

FieldTurf has already been installed in major airports across the world including Honolulu International, MCAS Miramar, San Francisco International, Boston Logan, Ocean City Municipal, Hong Kong International and most recently, John F. Kennedy Airport. Air FieldTurf is the leader and one of only two aviation grade artificial turf solutions approved by the United States Federal Aviation Administration.

Synthetic grass isn’t just for sports fields anymore. It’s becoming popular in residential yards, commercial settings, playgrounds, pet facilities and now at airports.

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