Trying to think of new ways to get your brand out there?


I bet you’ve never thought of installing synthetic grass to help build brand awareness. With an artificial lawn you can have your business logo created into the turf.

Think about how much attention can be drawn to your business, every car that drives by and every person that walks by will notice your company logo. Everyone knows the more brand exposure you have, the more likely consumers will remember you when they need your product. You have the ability to customize the turf outside your business any way you want. This can be especially beneficial in areas with sign restrictions.

Logos are great for preschools, play areas and schools, too. A permanent hopscotch, the letters of the alphabet or the team mascot are good ways to create personality. Plus, EasyTurf is built to last and safer than real grass, which is an even better reason to get an artificial lawn in areas where children run around.

An EasyTurf artificial lawn is made to last many years without fading. And, not only is it beneficial to businesses by helping build brand exposure, but it also contributes credits toward LEED® Certification. Landscape branding offers a unique opportunity to provide a prominent place for the most important part of your company’s image… its name.

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