Dog Allergies Among Top 5 Reasons for Vet Visits


Did you know Skin Allergies are the number two reason dogs are brought to the vet? Many dogs are allergic to both grass and its inhaled pollens. Pollen can collect on the grass, exposing dogs to high concentrations while running through or playing on the grass. These allergies most commonly cause excessive skin itching, hot spots, and in extreme cases, fur loss.

Drugs can sometimes help with dog allergies, another option is hypo-sensitization (or allergy shots), though both can be very costly and carry a risk of side effects for your dog. A better alternative is to get rid of the problem at the root. Rather than subjecting your dog to painful allergy shots or daily antihistamines, EasyTurf can be your simple solution for your dog and family’s enjoyment.

EasyTurf is safe, non toxic so it’s the perfect option for families and dogs alike. EasyTurf is incredibly easy to maintain and makes cleaning up after dogs a cinch.

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