Adding Color with Drought Tolerant Landscaping


Add Color to Your Backyard While Lowering Water Costs!

Being water conscious doesn’t mean your backyard needs to be colorless and lack life. Sure hardscape can be beautiful and lower the maintenance of your yard, but this doesn’t mean you have to do away with all color!

Watering and maintaining grass can consume your money and free time! Not to mention the problems with gophers and unwanted dirt piles. Do away with this expensive landscape and replace it with, the leader in the synthetic turf industry. Forget about those brown patches. EasyTurf can give you a consistently green, low maintenance lawn to enjoy with your friends, pets, and family all year long.

Complement your lush EasyTurf lawn with drought-resistant plants. Xeriscape Perennials are great flowers and plants which withstand little or no water and maintain their vibrant colors. High Country Gardens offer around 48 different types to choose from! Enjoy bright colors? Try adding orange, yellow, and pink flowers to match your personal vivacity!

Agastache x rupestris ‘Orange Flare’    Zinnia grandiflora – Prairie Zinnia   Centranthus ruber ‘Coccineus’

These flowers offer an unusual backyard flare. Xeriscape can reduce your bill by 50 – 75%. With both EasyTurf synthetic grass and Xeriscape in your yard; you can significantly reduce your water bill! Xeriscape is low maintenance and only requires minimum pruning and weeding with a small amount of water. Earth Easy has identified a number of flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs which can serve you in all your low-cost, low-maintenance landscaping needs.

Make your yard come alive today.

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