Landscaping with Color to Reflect your Personality

Adding color to your landscape will easily spruce up a drab home exterior. Color can add excitement and fun to your yard. And it can be a vital tool used to evoke the emotions you desire from your outdoor living space.

Some people choose colors that calm, while others prefer colors that evoke excitement and fun. When choosing a color theme for your yard it is important to carefully determine what mood you are trying to set and what colors will help get you there. While perceptions of color are to an extent subjective, there are some color effects that have universal meaning. Warm colors, such as red, orange, and yellow evoke emotions such as affection and comfort. Cool colors such as blue, purple, and green have a calming effect.

Plants to elicit feelings of warmth and comfort to your yard:

Red- California Fuchsia









Orange- Bird of Paradise 


Yellow- Anthemis


Plants to add calming affects to your yard:


Blue- Morning Glory

Purple- Lily of the Nile

Green- a beautifully maintained lawn, such as an EasyTurf synthetic lawn 


Need inspiration?  Check out these before and after photos for more ideas on how an EasyTurf Synthetic Lawn can help you with your outdoor design.

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