April Showers Bring May Flowers – Weatherproofing your Yard


April can be an unpredictable time of year. Sunshine one day and showers the next! Wondering how you can weatherproof your yard? You’re in luck. EasyTurf has identified several landscaping and decorative items which can help you sustain a beautiful, low maintenance yard through all weather conditions.

Pouring rain and thundershowers can destroy your flowerbeds, create unwanted muddy puddles on your lawn, and destroy your furniture. Avoid all this trouble with these tips.

Avoid those muddy puddles with an www.easyturf.com synthetic lawn! EasyTurf uses proprietary MaxxFlow technology which drains better than real grass. Feel free to let your dog loose and don’t worry about those muddy paws! With EasyTurf, your lawn will always look picturesque and is extremely low maintenance.

Try doing simple stone work around your www.easyturf.comfor a clean look. Potted plants and flowers always add a resort feel. Simply Planters and IKEA offer an array of planters to fit every style of home. Don’t like planters? Place rocks around the base of your trees and plants to avoid any muddy mess. Or place a metal grate around the base of your trees. This gives a nostalgic park feel and can add decorative lines, textures, and shadows on the ground of your backyard.

Now how will you enjoy your yard while it’s raining? There are numerous yard coverings which can add to the grandeur of your yard, small or big. Decorate your yard with a gazebo. Rain or shine, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors! Backyard America offers many different structures for the outdoors offering a vast array of styles and materials.

Purchase weather resistant furniture to avoid a moldy mess! Outdoor furniture has expanded their lines and now consumers can find materials such as outdoor resin wicker and gorgeous aluminum furniture to withstand the mold and rust that moisture can cause. You can find weather resistant furniture at almost every home goods store. From Crate & Barrel to Home Depot, and specialty stores such as Skylar’s Home and Patio or online at Gardners CENTRE  you will be able to find the perfect fit for your backyard.

Now that your yard is low maintenance, weather resistant, and you have great furniture and covering, grab some hot cocoa and read a good book while enjoying the soothing sound of rain. Relax in your picturesque yard.

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