The Ultimate Yard Markeover Leaderboard

With just two days and thirteen hours remaining to enter and vote, The EasyTurf Ultimate Yard Makeover Contest is in the final stages. There are nearly 70 entries, and 900 votes cast! With it currently taking only 13 votes to get into the important top 10, this race is wide open.

The Leaderboard

  1. 241 Votes – Good people need a attractive yard, Submitted by: Tracey L. Astorga- Hause
  2. 217 Votes – A little green to go with our Red, White and Blue, Submitted by: Kristie Dubin
  3. 136 Votes – Please I need This for many reasons, Submitted by: Norman Burge
  4. 85 Votes – Give us (and our dog) a yard, Submitted by: Corey Stasch
  5. 38 Votes – Please give my kids a chance to play outside, Submitted by: Sharla Harrold
  6. 29 Votes – An AmAzInG YaRd, 4 An AmAzInG MOM, Submitted by: Karen Hays-Peters
  7. 22 Votes – EasyTurf Our Yard, Submitted by: Kelly Teasley
  8. 19 Votes – The South Bonita Neighborhood Connection, Submitted by: Celeste Pack
  9. 19 Votes – My Mom may be getting older…, Submitted by: Elena Shalauta
  10. 13 Votes – Years of Dirt, Submitted by: Diane Turner

Just Outside The Top Ten

Come back daily to see how many times your entry has been viewed, and more importantly how many votes you have received. You can view all of the entries by going to

EVERYONE WINS! Everyone who receives a free design consultation and purchases an EasyTurf lawn before the Oct. 30 deadline will be awarded a dream cruise certificate for two. Call to schedule your free design consultation.

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