SuperBowl XLVI To Be Played On Synthetic Turf

This year’s big game will feature the New England Patriots, New York Giants, and FieldTurf . Not only do both team’s play on the artificial turf, but the Super Bowl will be held at Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium, which also features the synthetic grass made by FieldTurf. As the landscaping division of FieldTurf, EasyTurf is excited that our product has such prominence in the NFL.

Installed in 2008, the Indianapolis Colts playing surface has been voted twice (2010 and 2011) as the Best Artificial Turf Field in the NFL. In addition, FieldTurf NFL surfaces are consistently rated in the top 5 of all fields in the NFL.

“I think this reaffirms the level of excellence we have become known for in the world of football,” said FieldTurf Tarkett CEO Joe Fields. “Each season, more and more players have a chance to feel the difference when they plant, cut or run on FieldTurf’s engineered system. As a result, our ratings are consistently the highest among all artificial turf brands. We’re proud of every one of the 3000 fields we’ve put in the ground. But there’s nothing like hearing it from the NFL football players themselves. I can’t express how much we at FieldTurf Tarkett are proud of these results.”

Even sports websites are prognosticating about which team will win the game, based upon their own experience with our exceptional fields. No matter which team wins, we are proud to be affiliated with both teams and the big game. FieldTurf and EasyTurf are always on the winning team when it comes to providing the best artificial grass in the industry.

FieldTurf At Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium

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