Long term water rate increases proposed

The Metropolitan Water Company proposed a 7.5 percent increase to your water
rate for 2013 and an additional 5 percent for 2014
posed-by-san-diego/). A vote on the rate increase has been scheduled for
April. Since 2006, the water rate has increased by 75 percent! Despite the
hike in cost, the district is short on cash – according to City Council
Member Lorie Zapf, budgets and pensions continue to rise and sales continue
to fall.

You, the consumer, are now being forced to make up for the gap and pay more.
An EasyTurf water saving lawn could reduce your water use by up to 70
percent, saving you hundreds of dollars, and the time you used to spend
maintaining your landscape could be used to enjoy the money you saved on
your water bill – perhaps a vacation to Hawaii!

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