Even Dogs Prefer EasyTurf


Homeowners sometimes struggle to choose a synthetic lawn over natural, but man’s best friend clearly prefers EasyTurf.

EasyTurf is as lush and comfortable on paws as real grass, but without the need to fertilize and use weed-killers – making EasyTurf completely non-toxic and chemical free. Superior drainage prevents unpleasant urine dors – and given dogs’ sense of smell is 10 million times stronger than umans, our canines are 10 million times more appreciative for EasyTurf’s umatched drainage.

Recognizing EasyTurf as the leader in synthetic turf – and at the request of their animal tenants, several local animal rescue shelters and hospitals, including the San Diego Humane Society, installed EasyTurf at their facilities.

The only complaint from dogs is the inability to dig through the EasyTurf to escape the confines of their back yards.

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