Changing Lives One Backyard at a Time


Here at EasyTurf, your turf and lawn specialist, we really love to solve problems and present solutions to our customers! When Michelline called in she was a little overwhelmed by her problem backyard and had a list of desires. She was tired of having a backyard that lacked the luster she was looking for. Michelline couldn’t get her dead grass to grow and was just plain old tired of the maintenance that her yard required for no results. She wanted a more attractive, low maintenance lawn but most importantly needed a safe and clean children’s play area for her kids.

We could easily relate to Michelline’s problems and knew we had the perfect solution for her and her kids! With EasyTurf Michelline was not only going to get the beautiful, always green backyard she was looking for but also a safe place for her kids to play. EasyTurf has unmatched realism providing the most realistic synthetic artificial turf on the market. So Michelline got the beautiful green yard she was looking for without the maintenance or cost! With a 15 year warranty she can rest easy knowing her new lawn is going to look great for years to come! Best of all with EasyTurf there is no need for pesticides or harmful chemicals to keep your lawn looking green! This means a safer, cleaner place for Michelline’s children to enjoy the outdoors.

Michelline is another happy; no scratch that, ecstatic EasyTurf customer! Not only is her backyard now everything she wanted it to be but we’ve solved every last concern. Check out out the photo below of Michelline’s completed backyard. A job well done if we do say so ourselves! Congrats to Michelline and her family, enjoy your backyard for years to come!











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