The Perfect Pet Friendly Backyard Transformation

Brinah is a successful and well known dog trainer in Beverly Hills – but her lawn has paid the price for her fame. Because of the dogs, her lawn did not match her beautiful home. The lawn was plagued with brown “urine burn” and worn out patches from heavy traffic and play. Her efforts to maintain a lush yard were no match for the wear and tear the dogs inflicted.

Faced with the losing battle of “Dogs vs. Lawn,” Brinah looked for another answer. She needed something that was pet friendly, not only safe but also something that would hold up to the daily wear and tear from the dogs. A product that would be easy to maintain so she could focus more on her passion for training. Most importantly she wanted something that would complete the look of her backyard oasis and appeal to her doggy clients.

Synthetic grass was the answer, and after researching different brands, Brinah confidently determined EasyTurf to be the best solution to her lawn problems. EasyTurf is the most realistic synthetic grass on the market, and its unmatched durability will stands up to the beating her dogs put into it. Brown patches and worn out spots are history. EasyTurf’s superior drainage is also the only synthetic grass backing that drains clean preventing pet waste odor buildup to keep the dogs cleaner and healthier.

Armed with the facts, Brinah called EasyTurf and the old, tired lawn was replaced with a lush green landscape, pet-friendly, play-oriented and optimized for training!

Instead of putting countless hours into trying to maintain a decent lawn, Brinah now spends the time focusing on her business, her clients and enjoying her gorgeous EasyTurf yard.




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