Southern California Residential Synthetic Grass Installation

If you are considering an artificial grass turf lawn over a natural grass sod lawn EasyTurf synthetic grass is the best artificial grass choice. EasyTurf is the closest alternative to a natural sod, grass lawn.

To ensure your new lawn is professionally installed, choose a company specializing in synthetic grass installation, rather than from an individual who has marginal experience or a company that does synthetic turf as a sideline. Select a company that employs trained and experienced installation crews who install synthetic turf every day to guarantee your installation is done correctly the first time, increasing the longevity of your synthetic lawn.

EasyTurf artificial grass includes a proprietary backing (MaxxFlow) that drains more efficiently than organic sod grass and is engineered to last 10-15 years.

Truly pet friendly, pet waste won’t discolor or build-up on EasyTurf synthetic grass products.

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