Be a Super Summer Hero

When the excitement of summer vacation is starting to wane. Kids are, believe it or not, starting to be “played out” and getting bored – some even look forward to getting back to school.

Be their hero and rescue them from the depths of their doldrums.  Scoop them up and whisk them away to the great outdoors to enjoy our beautiful So Cal weather. Here are a few easy activity ideas to get you started:

Create your own Summer Olympics:

Establish three or four events and have your children. The events could be traditional Olympic such as the long jump or sprints around the yard, use outdoor furniture for hurdles. You would obviously need a dog for that one, but whatever the event, ensure you officially recognize your participants with applause and a homemade medal. Use your outdoor patio for the awards platform.

Build a Bird House or Feeder

Local hardware stores stock easy-to-build bird houses and feeders even the most tool-challenged human can build. Whether simple or complex, your child will enjoy the time it takes – especially when he sees birds flocking to your creation.

Play Catch

Some of my fondest childhood memories are playing catch. Something about the rhythmic simplicity of tossing a ball back and forth in the yard is very comforting. It could be the fresh air and sunshine or perhaps the time shared with Dad.

Whatever the activity, get your kids off the couch, away from the TV to your outdoor living spaces and excited about summer again.

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