Give your outdoor living spaces new life

Give your outdoor living spaces new life
Summer is oh-too-quickly slipping away. After BBQs, pool parties and all the neighborhood kids running amuck, your outdoor living spaces may need some sprucing up.
Bringing some life back to your outdoor living spaces is easy and affords you the opportunity to enjoy the rest of summer.
Add some color
Grab some paint and look around for your canvases. Mailboxes, outdoor furniture and shutters are prime candidates for an updated color.
Check the garden
Taking a hoe to the garden and flower beds improves plant health and water absorption. Turning the dirt will also give the beds a fresh look. Mulch typically lasts less than a year – adding a new mulch will bring a vibrancy back to your outdoor living designs.
Rearrange it
Take a good look at you outdoor patio – and then rearrange it. Moving outdoor furniture around, adding some flower pots or accent pieces refreshes your outdoor living spaces.
Installing EasyTurf will give you a lush, green lawn not just through the summer, but through fall, winter and spring for years to come. Say goodbye to your residential landscaping problems and the expense of watering and maintaining a traditional lawn. You’ll always have a beautiful, maintenance-free lawn that pays for itself AND increases the value of your home in the process!
Summer is ticking away – breathe new life into your outdoor living spaces and make the most of these summer days.

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