Face Your Demons – Clean the Garage

In a lot of homes, the garage and storage shed become the “red-headed-step-children,” neglected and overlooked. We give them just enough attention to keep them going.

Whether it’s a fear of delving into an unorganized garage or deep-seeded bitterness to storage places in general, we just kind of open up the door, drag things out, toss ‘em back in and lock the door. We take pride in our home and outdoor living spaces, and ignore the garage. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Your garage and storage shed can be extensions of your home – as organized and tidy as your bedroom. Here are a few simple garage organization and cleaning tips to get you started:

  • Hoses – hang ‘em on a hook. When I coil up my hoses and leave them on the ground, they come alive when I turn my back. They uncoil, they grow, they wrap themselves up in bike tires and rakes. Hang ‘em up and get them out of the way.
  • Garden tools – rack ‘em. Invest in a rack and hang the shovels, rakes and hoes rather than leaning them up against the wall.
  • Shelve it – installed on the wall or freestanding adjustable shelves give you added spaces and ability to organize.
  • Toss it – hard as it may be to part with the old 10-speed-Schwin you haven’t ridden in four years because some day you might just want to go for a bike ride, clearing out old, unused and unneeded clutter may be the biggest step in taking care of your garage.

You could also free up space by installing EasyTurf – the authority in artificial grass. No longer will you need a mover, trimmer, edger, blower or bags of seed and fertilizer. Check out EasyTurf for more info – in the meantime, face your demons and get that garage lookin’ good.

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