Get Going on Your Garden Planning

Fortunately for the lawn owner, all that time and money saved not having to maintain a grass lawn can be spent on a new hobby – like gardening!

And with the summer in high gear, the wise gardener will start planning and preparing for a fruitful garden now.

Here are few tips to get you on your way:

  • Weed-n-feed.  By using a pre-emergent, you can kill off weeds now before they even start to grow, saving you frustration and nagging back-aches down the road. For the organic grower, corn-gluten meal will kill
    the weeds without the use of man-made chemicals.
  • Draw it up. Decide what and how much you want to grow, and sketch out the space requirements for each plant. Over-crowding your plants in spring will lead to a less-than-desired harvest in the fall.
  • Check your tools. Dig out the hoes, shovels and tillers. Make sure you’ve got everything necessary for the spring planting. If not, head to Lowes or another gardening center and pick up what you need.
  • Enlist help. Be it a neighbor, child, spouse or friend – get some people excited with you about the garden. Nurture their excitement into assistance – as enjoyable as gardening is, it can be hard work. Promises of fresh, ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and other produce should entice the

Just because your lawn is lush green year-round, doesn’t mean your garden’s going to grow itself. Get a plan, and get your green-thumb to work.

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