Orange County Animal Care Center Enjoys EasyTurf Benefits

The Orange County Animal Care center takes in 30,000 dogs, cats, bunnies, and other pets in Orange County every year! That’s a lot of furry creatures.

That many cute, cuddly creatures creates a lot of wear and tear – not to mention pet waste. In late 2012, the shelter installed EasyTurf to handle the workload. The staff and “residents” are loving their new yard.

OCAC and a growing number of animal shelters are installing EasyTurf for the same reasons:

  • Urine drains right through and doesn’t leave an odor or yellow stain
  • Waste won’t discolor or damage Easyturf like it does natural grass
  • EasyTurf neutralizes urine burn and dead spots
  • EasyTurf’s unmatched durability stands up to the rugged wear and tear
  • Stops dogs from digging holes
  • EasyTurf eliminates muddy paws and dirty pets
  • Saves time and money by eliminating maintenance, watering and fertilizing


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