Why do you itch after sitting in grass?

One of the many benefits of an www.easyturf.com lawn is not having that irritating itch you get after sitting or playing in real grass. But have you ever wondered why grass makes you itch?

The irritation can be blamed on a number of criminals:

– The grass itself can cause micro-cuts in your skin, add a touch of sweat, and boom – itch.
– Pollen eventually comes to rest, and grass makes for a soft landing. Sit in the grass, pollen transfers to your skin, and boom – itch.
– Insects and parasites could also be the culprit. A flea secretes a bit of saliva into your skin and boom – itch.

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable, itchy situation, there are several answers. A quick shower, disposable wipe or anti-itch cream/ointment like Benedryl should do the trick.

And a great way to eliminate that annoying itch, if you haven’t already, is to install an www.easyturf.com lawn. Unlike grass www.easyturf.com does not provide an organic habitat for insects and fleas, nor will it cause micro-cuts in your skin. You’ll have a year-round, lush green lawn to roll around on worry free.

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