Always the invited; never the host

Now that the weather is warming, your outdoor living spaces become a great venue for hosting parties.

But hosting dinner parties and BBQs for friends, neighbors and colleagues can seem intimidating. Between logistics and desire for everyone to have a good time, it’s easier not to host a party and hope to be invited to someone else’s. However, a successful dinner party doesn’t demand anything elaborate – good food, good company and a friendly environment.

Here are a few to entertain your guests in your outdoor living spaces this spring and summer:

  • Good food doesn’t have to be complicated. Pretty much anything grilled is going to be good. For the meats, ready-made marinades are easy pick ups at the store. Grilling vegetables requires some olive oil, salt and pepper – no more. A bowl of fresh, cut up fruit balances the heat of grilled food and refreshes the palate.
  • Scatter the resources – put the tables of snacks and drinks in separate places around your patio to encourage your guests to roam about and interact.
  • Floating peonies and gardenias make beautiful decorations. Simply pour water into a large serving platter, and trim the stems off the flowers.
  • Even if you have to bring some indoor furniture out, make sure there’s enough seating for everyone. If you’ve got time, pick up some old tree stumps from local tree surgeons. They’re perfect for extra, outdoor seating.
  • When dusk comes, light the night up with paper lanterns for festivity and citronella tiki torches to keep the bugs away. Break out the Christmas lights and string them through the trees, umbrellas and pergolas. Drop tea lights in mason jars. You’ll want to light the area for safety and fun.
  • Set up a fire pit with seating a safe distance away. There’s something magical about a fire that draws people and conversation.

So get your invite list together Good food, good company and a friendly environment. The formula is easy, and you’ll be a hit. And don’t forget – Easyturf, the authority in artificial grass, compliments your outdoor living spaces perfectly. Check out Easyturf for the latest!










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