EasyTurf 1, Condiments 0

I’ve always loved science experiments.

Sure there’s the aspect of proving a theory, learning new and wonderful things about the universe and expanding my knowledge. But the real reason I enjoy science is because I can get dirty and try to break things.

Here at EasyTurf, we know our synthetic grass drainage is unbeatable when it comes to rainfall, dog urine or other straight liquids – we’ve tested that.  We recently decided to up the ante, and throw some real life spills into the mix to see how it would affect drainage. The backyard BBQ presents many spill opportunities, and we decided to use that theme for our new test.

So we grabbed some artificial turf, ketchup, mustard, and ice cream (what BBQ would be complete without ice cream?), and we headed to the lab. Like our original drainage test, we put our turf up against hole-punched turf and felt-backed turf, like most of our competitors use. We turned the water on the turf, and even before we threw down our condiments, water backed up in the hole-punched and felt-backed turf.    

When we added the ketchup, mustard and ice cream, things got a little gross in two of the tanks. As the water flowed over the artificial grass, the hole-punched and felt type backings became a complete food mess. The pest attracting ingredients were unable to be cleanly rinsed away, and stayed on the turf. The water under the hole punched and felt-type backings still remained clear, showing that the food particles could not make their way through the artificial grass.

But, when inspecting the tank under Easyturf, we saw that the ketchup, mustard and ice cream rinsed through the turf creating cloudy water below, demonstrating that the food materials thoroughly rinsed through the artificial grass. Only fresh, clean artificial grass remained.

I love science, even when it means sacrificing a little ice cream.


For more information on artificial grass drainage visit easyturf.com/drainage

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