Let It Snow!

What if you lived where it snowed?

Before you can start working on your lawn for the spring and summer, you’d have to wait for the snow to melt. Even after it melts, you would have to wait for the temperatures to warm and the ground to dry. Then, after weeks of seeding, fertilizing, watering and spending more time with your lawn than loved ones, you could start to see the fruits of your labor – a lush, green lawn coming in.  Then you could enjoy your outdoor living spaces.

Don’t get carried away, though. That lawn is going to need TLC all the way through Summer and Fall to the first snowfall.

What if you had an EasyTurf lawn? The snow would melt away, unveiling an already lush, green lawn. Because of EasyTurf 100% porous, 100% permeable MaxxFlow backing, you won’t have the mud and puddles of a traditional lawn. EasyTurf polyethylene and polyurethane materials enable synthetic grass to endure cold climates. In harsh temperatures the infill helps prevent freezing of the turf. Even in areas of heavy snow fall, the turf sustains and does not become brittle or die off as it does with natural grass.

In a sense, EasyTurf is like the Postal Service –  through snow, rain, sleet or hail – EasyTurf stands up to the toughest elements.

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