Synthetic Grass Drainage Tested with Food & Spills

All synthetic grass saves water but which synthetic grass stands up to real life?

Today we will put the drainage capabilities of artificial turf backings to the test with common spills that can occur during an everyday backyard barbecue.
The drainage types we are testing today include:
Permeable Felt-Like Drainage
Here a “felt-like” layer absorbs moisture, reaches saturation and then begins to drain.
Hole punched drainage
With this drainage construction, holes are either burned into or punched through the non-permeable artificial grass backing.  

EasyTurf’s proprietary drainage technology
This technology incorporates hundreds of thousands of microscopic holes  within a solid-state turf backing in order to achieve total permeability with zero absorption.

In tank partition one we will examine the drainage capabilities of a “felt-like” artificial grass backing
In tank partition two we will observe an EasyTurf product with the proprietary 100% permeable backing
And in tank partition three a synthetic turf with hole-punched drainage will be tested
Now, let’s observe the three backings as we spill our backyard barbecue ingredients and then try to rinse them through the turf with an equally pressurized stream of water.
We will begin with ketchup and mustard. What backyard barbeque wouldn’t be complete without these classic, necessary condiments

And now… let’s add something a bit thicker in consistency to the mix… how will these artificial grass backings handle a harmless ice-cream spill

Now, let’s take a closer inspection on how these the backings are holding up to this real-life situation.

As the water flows over the artificial grass we observe that the hole-punched and felt type backings are a complete food mess. The pest attracting ingredients are unable to be cleanly rinsed away The condiments and ice cream we’ve spilled are clearly not making their way through the turf and into the ground to be filtered away.

When inspecting the tank under the sample of the easyturf artificial grass product we see that the ketchup, mustard and icecream were easily rinsed through the turf creating cloudy water below, and demonstrating that the food materials have been thoroughly rinsed through the artificial grass. Only fresh, clean artificial grass remains.

Notice the water under the hole punched and felt-type backings still remains clear, showing that the food particles have yet to make their way through the artificial grass .

In conclusion, Today’s test reveals that EasyTurf products truly provide a synthetic lawn that stands up to real life.

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