Be your dog's best friend – build him an amusement park!

If you’re starting to feel like your dog is turning into a couch potato, kick start his playtime with an agility clinic.


An agility course not only improves your dogs health and fitness, but because a course gives your dog a chance play, his demeanor improves as well. Navigating the obstacles will also build his confidence and sense of balance and boundaries.


Setting up your own backyard course is very simple. We’ll help you set up three basic obstacles: weave poles, jumps and tunnels.


Because there’s no assembly required and therefore the ‘easiest,’ we’ll start with the tunnel. Children’s toy stores sell play tunnels that work perfectly for dogs as well. THIS ONE made by Circo only costs $20. Buy the tunnel, take it out of the package, and Voila! You have your first obstacle complete.


Creating a dog jump can be as simple as using two chairs and a broomstick laying across them.You could also use couple of cinder blocks and plywood. For a more dedicated dog jump, assembly with PVC pipe quite simple. There are plenty of sites with detailed instructions on putting them together. Here’s one I used from


The last obstacle we’ll tackle are the weave poles. Head back to your local hardware store for more PVC pipe. You can simply pound 3-4 foot lengths of the pipe into the ground at 6-inch intervals, or using a length of PVC pipe and PVC T-pieces for the base, create a mobile, more permanent obstacle. Detailed plans are, of course, available online.


A couple of hours on a Saturday morning later, your dog has a playground! You’ll both love it so much, you’ll probably want to add teeter-totters, hoop jumps and A-frames (all very easy to build).


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