Burn rubber before it burns you …

If you are considering rubber tiles for a playground surface – think again.

Sure, rubber is durable and it provides a softer landing pad for falling children than concrete, but it certainly has it downsides. One of the biggest concerns with rubber tiles is the extremely slippery surface it becomes with a little bit of water. Your tough, skid-resistant playground turns a virtual ice-skating rink with a little rain or an errant sprinkler.  Over time, that water will also cause the tiles to curl or come loose – creating a nasty tripping hazard.

The rubber tiles also absorb heat. In an independent study by the New York Daily News, rubber playground tiles exceeded 160 degrees on a hot summer day. Two New York City burn centers reported 10 cases of playground burns caused by hot, rubber tiles in 2007. The heat, like water, also warps and curls the tiles.

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