Host your own whodunit!

Summertime means bbq.

Grills, food, family and friends – the combination creates good times and great memories. Why not add a unique flavor to your bbq by throwing in a murder mystery? You already have the venue – your outdoor living spaces, and your actors – your friends and family. All you need is a little planning, and your bbq will be the talk for years to come.

Don’t worry – you don’t need to be the great Alfred Hitchcock to put together a backyard thriller. A quick search of the web results in numerous packages with different themes, age levels, and group sizes.  Everything from luau lunacy to dastardly disco deaths. The packages give you host all the tools needed.

Most packages include at the minimum: host instructions, guest instructions and a character list with descriptions and costume suggestions. I suggest, because you know your friends best, to assign the roles as you see fit, and send the character description and costume suggestion with their invite. Remind your guests that the more they get into character, the more fun they and everyone will have.

Your outdoor patio can be the venue for another, standard won’t bbq, or, it can be the stage for an experience your friends and family will remember for a very long time. And don’t forget – EasyTurf, the authority in artificial grass, compliments your outdoor living spaces perfectly (it also acts a soft, comfortable place to fall for your “vicitim”). Check out Easyturf for the latest!



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