Where did summer go???

For me, there’s no better time to work on my landscape and home improvements than the fall.

The weather is cool, it’s crisp, and dry. Here are a few of my “Preparing for Fall and Winter” tasks on my annual to do list:

Winterize the Garden: after harvesting the fruits (and vegetables) of my labor, I’ll start prepping my garden ready for the spring. The soil lost a lot of nutrients growing my good, so I’ll rototill and spread compost.

Transplant Shrubs: during the fall and winter months, shrubs stop worrying about their leaves and flowers and concentrate on root growth. The fall is the perfect time to plant new shrubs or transplant those you need to move. The fall is also an opportune time to cut them back to promote healthy, spring growth.

Clean the Furniture: my patio furniture got a lot of use over the summer, and it makes sense to clean and protect it for the upcoming months. Cleaning the furniture regularly extends its life.

Touch up Paint: painting during the summer heat is painful. Painting during the rainy spring season is ridiculous. Autumn is perfect time to touch up the paint around the home, however.

Lighting: now that my focus is off of the garden, I have more time for maintenance and upkeep. I’ll check all my lights and wiring to ensure they’re in good shape. If you don’t have outdoor lighting, maybe now is the time to install it!

Rake, rake, rake …: fall, of course, means leaves are falling. Stay on top of them and rake regularly to keep your landscape looking fresh and alive.

If you’re like me with an www.easyturf.com lawn, you won’t have to worry about fertilizing, aerating, seeding and mowing for the fall and winter. But, if you have real grass, your lawn will need some additional work and preparation for the winter and spring. Now is a good time to consider artificial turf – get the latest from the industry leader in synthetic grass and home putting greens at www.easyturf.com.  



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